Bunny Butt white gets a heated bid war at an Art Auction for inner city artists

I donated a couple of pieces of work to the art auction for Hospitality House (www.hospitalityhouse.org) a place that gives space, materials, and training to out of work or homeless artists. Its a great cause so I donated one of my favorite and best selling art pieces a 24″x39″ Bunny Butt image in white with hand painted greys and a yellow version of my new Art Basel Aftermath piece.

When I got word that Justin the owner of 941 Geary Gallery (www.941geary.com), White Walls Gallery (www.whitewallssf.com), and Shooting Gallery (www.shootinggallerysf.com) loved the work I had donated, I was psyched. His galleries are on my top list of targets for where I wanted my work to end up in San Francisco. They are the place for such great artists as Shepard Fairey, Greg Gossell, Blek Le Rat, Mother, and tons more.

The auction started and I was so worried that maybe nobody would bid. I know I have sold the Bunny Butt piece in 3 other colors for a lot of money but I’m in a new city and I’m virtually unknown here compared to Miami and Lauderdale. The piece started at six hundred, immediately got 7,8,9, and a thousand. I was dancing a little because the bidding war included Justin the Gallery owner.  It reached 1200 and Justin was the winner. So the future in San Francisco looks bright to me my friends, so far so good 🙂

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