Sean Murdock is a photographer and                                        

                                                                        videographer working Worldwide for both

                                                                        International clients and individuals. He has

                                                                        a studio/office in Vallejo California and a

                                                                        satellite studio in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

                                                                        Sean has been working since 1989 and has

                                                                        been published dozens of times including

                                                                        Elle Magazine, Vive Magazine, Cosmo

                                                                        Magazine and many more.

                                                                        Over the past years Sean shot the Miami

                                                                        campaign for Fashion Fights Poverty and the

                                                                        International World Cosmetics ColorOn

                                                                        campaign. Sean mainly focuses on Editorial,

                                                                        Fashion, and Beauty, but he has done a

                                                                        multitude of commercial shoots including,

product shots for Disney Toys, architectural shots, interior design portfolios, and documentary projects for non profits.

Working under Jarmo Pohjaniemi for Playboy in Miami, at the Miami Herald, and for numerous magazines and ad agencies gave him his real life experience. His classroom training consists of both private and college courses Including a B.A. Degree in photography from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Working since 1990 in the industry Sean has the experience it takes to finish the job and do it right.





Clients include:

Fashion Fights Poverty

Paul Mitchell

Patron Tequila

Lifetime Television

301 Model Management

Front Model Management

AOS Art Of Shade

John Casablanca

One Model Place


Victoria Lopez Castro

Kayce Armstrong

Eduardo De La Casas

John Casablanca

World Cosmetics

Coloron Cosmetics

His work has appeared in:

The Source

Cosmo Magazine

Elle Magazine

Vive Magazine

Glamour Magazine

Maxim Magazine

Boca Magazine

Playboy Magazine

Makeup Artist Magazine

Rive Magazine

Snap Magazine

The Miami Herald

Fort Myers Magazine

The Fort Myers News Press